Puglia WooCommerce Meetup – The first WooCommerce Meetup in Italy!

That’s right folks! We finally have a WooCommerce Meetup in Italy! How exciting is this?

Only two days ago i launched the first WordPress Meetup in Lucera, yesterday we had the second WordPress Meetup in Barletta and on the same day, me and Francesco Di Candia launched the first WooCommerce Meetup in Italy, named Puglia WooCommerce Meetup.

As the name suggests, it will run all over the region Puglia, from Foggia to Lecce (Puglia is very long, about 400 kms). We will try to do our best to host the meetup in different cities every time to allow more people to join from various parts of the region.

We will cover different topics too, from topics for beginners to advanced topics like best practices to develop extensions and themes for WooCommerce, or in-depth WooCommerce core analysis.

If you are around, be sure to check the group on Meetup.com to know if there’s a meetup and join us: https://www.meetup.com/it/Puglia-WooCommerce-Meetup/

What do we need?


Actually, we have already two venues, one in Lucera (FG) and one in Barletta (BT).

We are looking for more venues in different cities. We are working for one in Bari (BA) where we want to host the first date of the meetup. Bari is in a central position of the Puglia, so that’s the perfect location for the first meetup.

If you have a venue and want to host the meetup in your city (no matter how big it is, the important is that could be easly reached) please post a discussion on our group on Meetup.com or contact me or Francesco on Twitter.

We prefer venues that are given for free for 2 or 3 hours on the date of the meetup. If the owner of your venue needs to be paid to host the meetup, let us know before to confirm anything with him so we can check if we have the budget to pay for it.


We want you to drink and eat some snacks/pizza at our meetups. Italy is hot, so you need to drink a lot, expecially in summer (today Google says that we have 86°F/30°C, but i can feel more than that due to humidity). Also some venues could be paid.

We need sponsors who want to help us in sharing our knowledge funding us with small amounts which will allow us to pay for the food and drinks for the meetups and the venue costs if needed.

Thanks to anyone who will help!

Do you want to have a talk?

Do you have something to share with people at our meetup? Please do! Suggest your talk in a discussion on the group and we will check it and eventually approve it for a talk in a future meetup.

Join us!

That’s all for now, you only need to join our group on Meetup.com and follow the upcoming news about future meetups.
The first temporary date is Septermber 17th. It may change based on the availability of the venue.


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