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Heading Anchors

At Automattic everyone can work on projects beside their regular job.

I’m a Woo Support Ninja, so I support WooCommerce customers, but my project was not about support, it was about development instead. The idea was to automatically create anchors in the WooThemes Documentation so ninjas and customers have a quick reference for any section in our documents.

I developed and published the idea as you can notice on the WooThemes Documentation website.

Are you wondering why should you be interested in this?

Well, the project does not only improve our documentation. To complete this project I had to write a script that handles everything. After showing the project to the team, Kenin asked me if the script was open-source and free to use on other websites.

The first response was “No”, because I included the script directly in the source code. On a second though, I wrote the script to be generic so we could use it on any of our websites.

I moved the script to a public GitHub repository, licensed under GPLv2.

That’s why you should be interested!

The plugin is now open-source, you can use it on your website, use it for a WordPress plugin (maybe I’ll decide to create one as well later), use it for your theme, whatever you want, it’s open-source!

Download jQuery Anchorify on GitHub: https://github.com/Automattic/jquery-anchorify

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