Coding Day – Discord and Slack Post for WordPress

Most probably you don’t know, since I never announced it publicly here yet, but I started streaming video games and coding on my Twitch channel, at

I stream every day, from 08:30pm GMT+2, and on Saturday and Sunday I also stream occasionally in the morning or afternoon.

I stream mainly video games during the week. On weekends instead, there’s an event named Coding Day, and that’s what I want to talk with you about!

What is Coding Day?

On Coding Day, which usually happens on Saturday or Sunday afternoon (Romania time zone) I start coding live on Twitch.

Until now there has been only one Coding Day, on the 21st January. I worked live on a WordPress plugin named WP Twitch Status that I will soon publish on

I started from scratch, and created and tested the plugin, asking for suggestions and feature requests to my (few) viewers.

So, basically, Coding Day is a day when I code with you. You can join and watch me coding live, and you can chat with me in real time, asking questions, suggesting new ideas, telling me what you want to see me coding!

When Is the Next Coding Day?

The next Coding Day will be on Sunday 29th January at 03:30pm GMT+2, you can check the local time here.

I’ll work on two plugins. I already created them, they are WP Discord Post and WP Slack Post. They do the same thing, but for two different platforms, Discord and Slack. They send a message on a Discord/Slack channel using a bot, when a new post is published on a blog where they are installed.

I created these two plugins for me and for Automattic, but I want to improve them, adding more features and a Settings page to make them easier to use.

So, this is your official invite! Feel free to join me on the 29th Jan. at 03:30pm GMT+2 for some coding!

I hope to see you there and don’t forget to drop me a follow if you like the stream and want to support me!

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