WP Discord Post and WP Twitch Status Now Available on WordPress.org

In the last month I worked on two new plugins for WordPress that connect to Discord and Twitch to write a message in a Discord server’s channel when a new post is published on a site, and to get the status of a Twitch stream with a shortcode and/or a widget.

I worked on them live on my Twitch channel during two different Coding Day events, you can find the recordings in the Past Transmissions on Twitch.

I’m happy to announce that they are finally available on WordPress.org!

You can download them for free here:

If you are a streamer or if you have a Discord server, and a self-hosted WordPress site (not WordPress.com), you may need these two plugins to update your viewers and the members of your Discord about your stream and your blog.

They are extremely easy to use and configure, just follow the instructions in the Installation tab on WordPress.org to install them. Once active, configure their settings from Settings > General in your WordPress Dashboard and they will start working automatically.

WP Twitch Status needs some extra steps since it includes a shortcode and a widget to add on your site to show the status of a Twitch stream. The widget of course is the easiest way, simply go to Appearance > Widget to add it in one of your sidebars, and write the channel name to start getting info about your stream.

Or if you prefer to use a shortcode write [[twitch_stream_status channel="YOUR_CHANNEL_NAME" wrap="div" print_username="yes" print_game="no"]] in a page/post or in a Text widget to use it!

What Do You Use?

I wrote these two plugins because I didn’t find anything good enough for me to use.

I’m a Twitch streamer and a blogger, and I want my followers and viewers to be updated about my stream and my blog.

The plugins that I found do a lot of stuff that I don’t need, and the Discord bot to read from a RSS feed to update a channel about a specific blog simply don’t work.

Do you use a different service to do what my two plugins do? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. thank you for the information .
    Nice Plugins, I used these plugins for my site for displaying twitch status.

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