Removing the Footer Menu on Storefront Mobile Layout

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Storefront is mainly an eCommerce theme, it is built by the developers of WooCommerce, for WooCommerce users.

But, it is a very customizable theme, so it can also be used in other ways. In example, I use it on this blog, without WooCommerce, and it still works perfectly. Many people use it with WooCommerce but only as a catalog, so customers are not able to buy products on the site, but just look at them.

In this last case, you probably don’t need the Cart and Checkout pages, so you remove them, but Storefront still shows a menu in the Footer area when you visit the site on a mobile device, and that menu leads you to the Cart page as well, which you removed.

How can you hide that menu when it is not needed?

Open your functions.php file in wp-content/themes/your-child-theme-name/ and add this code at the end of the file:

remove_action( 'storefront_footer', 'storefront_handheld_footer_bar', 999 );

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This code will remove the footer menu when visiting the site from mobile.

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  1. ana
    ana says:

    Hi , also want to remove the footer handled menu, do you know how to prevent/keep the search bar option? all my search bars are removed on screens < 767 width.
    Thanks 🙂


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