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Is Zendesk your preferred support platform? It’s mine, and we use it at work a lot as well.

As you can see from the sidebar on this site I even got certified as a ZD Administrator since I like it so much (and passed an exam, but this does not count :P).

There are some things though that Zendesk does not support and could actually make our life easier, like showing the ticket ID in the browser tab title.

This is how the tab appears by default:

The default value is "Your Company Name - Agent", which is not that helpful.

The default value is "Your Company Name – Agent", which is not that helpful.

But, we could show some useful info in there, like the ticket ID.

Like I already said, Zendesk has no way to do this, and creating an app to do it would be time-consuming and not very efficient.

So I wrote to my dear friend Google, and it found for me a script that does exactly what we want. This script though adds way too many info, like the ticket title which is just cut off the tab most of the time due to its length.

I forked this script and made some changes to reduce the info added to the ticket ID. I also removed that “Agent -“ part that in my opinion is useless.

How Do I Use This Script?

To use this script you need to install first a browser extension that can read and use scripts, like Tampermonkey. Once installed and activated, visit this link and Tampermonkey will recognize the script and will ask you to install it.

Click on Install and then refresh your Zendesk tab.

That’s it, your browser tab title will now include the ticket ID!

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