Where to Find Cool Free Pictures for Your Site

As you can clearly see, I add a featured image for each article on my blog. All these pictures are free and I get them mainly from two websites.

Every single picture used has a meaning and they are related to the article.

What do they mean and where do I find them?

I’ll be honest… most of the time I see the picture and I think “OMG this picture is just perfect for my new article because reflects exactly its topic!”. What happens one month later is that I totally forget why I thought that picture was related to the article because usually, their connection is very thin.

Most probably when you read one of my articles and then look at the picture you are like “Meh… what does that cow have to do with an article about eCommerce?”. Just know that when I wrote the article, it meant something, maybe I just connected the colors or some very little detail from the picture, but there was something.

Now, let’s see where I actually get these free pictures.

As I said above, they come mainly from two websites. My favourite between the two is Gratisography. The second is the uber-popular Unsplash.

They are both great, in a different way. Unsplash has a huge variety of pictures and many new ones are added every day. Their quality is very good, as much as those from Gratisography, where they are more funny and colorful, in my opinion.

Go give them a look, consider sharing their sites on your social accounts to support them, or to start publishing your pictures there so maybe I can use them for my next article!

And now tell me, where do you get the pictures for your site? Do you use regularly any specific free or premium site? Share them with me in the comments!

By the way, if you are wondering what the picture used in this post means and why I chose to use it… well, it means nothing. I just wanted to use it because it’s cool, and this article is about where I find pictures like that, so I guess it makes sense to use one of them.

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  1. We’re big fans of Unsplash, but they seem to lack the character needed for some of our clients business. Just checked out Gratisography and it’s exactly what I’ve been after – thank you!

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