Remove the Results Count on Shop Pages

Numbers from 1 to 5 with colored cubes at the bottom

Did you notice that WooCommerce shows the products results count on each shop page? It shows exactly how many products you have in the catalog, and how many are shown on that particular page.

If you didn’t, go to your Shop page, or any shop category/tag page and look at the top left, you will find it there. It some cases, it might have been moved somewhere else by the theme.

The products' results count on a WooCommerce Shop page.

Today we learn how to remove that bit of information, in case you want to.

Add this code to your functions.php file in wp-content/themes/your-child-theme/:

That’s all you need! Remember, this code might not work if your theme changed it already. If that’s your case, I recommend getting in touch with your theme author to learn what code to use.

For example, in Storefront, the results count is also shown at the bottom of the Shop page. For this theme, you’d add an additional line of code to the previous one:

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