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  • SmartBill WooCommerce Integration and Multi Currency with WooPayments

    SmartBill WooCommerce Integration and Multi Currency with WooPayments

    In the ever-evolving world of e-commerce, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. For Romanian online businesses, a significant development has emerged: the introduction of WooPayments, now fully operable in Romania. This post delves into the benefits of WooPayments, its integration with Stripe, and how it surpasses other gateways. Furthermore, we’ll explore the synergy between WooPayments and SmartBill with the SmartBill WooCommerce Integration, especially focusing on a custom plugin I developed for seamless multi-currency transactions and invoicing.


  • Disable Enfold Portfolio

    Disable Enfold Portfolio

    Do you use Enfold on your WordPress site? It’s a good WordPress theme, old one, but still one of the best sellers on ThemeForest.

    I recently moved to it for my blog as well, but I really can’t stand that I cannot easily disable features that I do not need, like the Portfolio post type.

    The developers provided a way to disable it via code though.


  • WP Discord Post and WP Twitch Status Now Available on

    WP Discord Post and WP Twitch Status Now Available on

    In the last month I worked on two new plugins for WordPress that connect to Discord and Twitch to write a message in a Discord server’s channel when a new post is published on a site, and to get the status of a Twitch stream with a shortcode and/or a widget.

    I worked on them live on my Twitch channel during two different Coding Day events, you can find the recordings in the Past Transmissions on Twitch.

    I’m happy to announce that they are finally available on!


  • Storefront AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

    Storefront AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

    I’ve started seeing more and more sites every day using AMP pages.

    If you don’t know what AMP is, it means Accelerated Mobile Pages Project which is an open source initiative that aims to provide mobile optimized content that can load instantly everywhere.

    Automattic supports AMP on already from some time now and they also released a free plugin for self-hosted WordPress sites.

    It creates automatically the AMP version of your posts, but it does not offer any way to customize the look of that page, unless you are a developer and have some knowledge of PHP, HTML and CSS.

    That means that AMP pages on your site will probably not match your theme’s style. I’m using Storefront on my blog, but my AMP pages had a completely different style. So I wrote an extensions for their plugin to match the style of my AMP articles to the theme.


  • Print the unit price in the emails

    Print the unit price in the emails

    Some months ago I wrote a post about how to add the unit price in the checkout page.
    It would be useful though to have the same unit price also in the emails sent both to the admin and to the customer.

    Doing this it’s harder than what we did for the checkout page.
    There are more templates to tweak and we also have to consider both plain and HTML emails.

    But it’s not impossible, obviously.





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