• Are You Attending an Event? Here Are Some Tips!

    Are You Attending an Event? Here Are Some Tips!

    I love travelling, who does not? But, I love even more to travel and attend an event where I go. In the last two years I travelled a lot around the world, from America to various countries in Europe, attending WordCamps and other events, and I learned many things about them and how to get… Continue reading

  • Searching The Code

    Searching The Code

    I’m sure that at least once you had to search something in the code, even if you are not a developer. Maybe a support technician told you that you can customize your site using WordPress actions, or you simply need to know the name of a function. Well, searching into the code is not as… Continue reading

  • .blog – A new home for my website

    .blog – A new home for my website

    You may have noticed that from yesterday the URL of this site became nicola.blog! Do you like it? This will be the new home of my blog, and of my other non-WP related blog which you can find it at wiht.nicola.blog. .blog domains are some brand new domains that are actually still not available for… Continue reading

  • Ulysses meets WordPress

    Ulysses meets WordPress

    A while ago I wrote a post about why I write in Markdown and I mentioned the app Ulysses for Mac, iPad and iPhone. In that article, I said that it was not worth for me to purchase it because it was expensive. After all, I simply write on my blog, and paying 44.99 €… Continue reading

  • Raspberry Pi: Why I chose to not use Windows IoT

    Raspberry Pi: Why I chose to not use Windows IoT

    This article is a bit different from my usual articles, but I really wanted to write about my experience with Windows IoT. First, you need to know why and how I wanted to use it though. I’m working on a personal project and that project involves , a Twitch streamer assistant. It’s a very cool… Continue reading



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