• WooConf 2016 – eCommerce for Store Owners and Developers

    WooConf 2016 – eCommerce for Store Owners and Developers

    is a conference for eCommerce shop owners, developers, and product companies, with a specific focus on those integrated with . The latest edition of WooConf was held on 6th to 8th April 2016, in Austin, Texas, and it was amazing. Perhaps saying that it was amazing is not enough. It was super great, super exciting… Continue reading

  • WordCamp Torino 2016

    WordCamp Torino 2016

    The last week, I attended WordCamp Torino, an event that was not having place from some years in Italy. WordCamp Torino kicked off on 1st and 2nd April. We were not having a WordCamp here from the 2012, and in only 9 months the Italian community was able not only to rise from its ashes,… Continue reading

  • Quickly run and halt Vagrant

    Quickly run and halt Vagrant

    Are you using as your development environment? If yes, and you are a WordPress developer, you should know that there’s a project for Vagrant and WordPress developers called which is a Vagrant configuration for WordPress development. If not, look at it, it will change the way you develop for WordPress. Anyway, if you use it,… Continue reading

  • jQuery Anchorify – Add anchors to your website automatically

    jQuery Anchorify – Add anchors to your website automatically

    At Automattic everyone can work on projects beside their regular job. I’m a Woo Support Ninja, so I support WooCommerce customers, but my project was not about support, it was about development instead. The idea was to automatically create anchors in the WooThemes Documentation so ninjas and customers have a quick reference for any section… Continue reading

  • One year of WooMattic!

    One year of WooMattic!

    It seems like only yesterday I sent an email to the hiring team at WooThemes and joined the WooCommerce support team after chats with the support leader Mike Krapf and a panel interview with a few team members. I never thought I’d have the opportunity to join them. I sent my application thinking, “What could happen?… Continue reading



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