My blog is online from a while now, and I faced most of the common issues that anyone has to face when having a website.
One of them is the performance. Your site has to be fast, or people will leave before to read anything at all.

Users usually wait one or two seconds before to leave a website if the page does not load, so it’s crucial that your website is fast.

There are various ways to speed it up. You can optimize images, HTML, CSS and JavaScript, use a CDN, use different servers for the site and for the database, and use a cache plugin.

My blog, this one you are on now, uses almost of the above, except for a different server for the database and the CDN.
All of the above, are done by using only two plugins, one for the cache and one to optimize images.

But there are a lot of caching plugins, which one to use?

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If you are a developer, if you write a lot (really a lot) or if you use Jetpack modules or certain support systems (ie. ZenDesk) you probably already know what Markdown is.

If not, I’ll explain you what it is and why I like to use it.

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It’s months, maybe years, that I say I want to learn more about Node.js.

This weekend, I had some time to spend on my knowledge finally, so I started looking a bit at the Node.js wrapper built for the WooCommerce REST API.

It’s a Node.js package to interact with WooCommerce REST API.
Claudio did a great job in writing it.

I started studying its code, and almost understood everything (I still miss how to get the oauth library to work though).

At this point, I wanted to give it a try, and build something myself. I looked around for some services I use that still do not have wrappers in Node.js, and I found one that I use a lot, also for this blog: Unsplash.

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WooCommerce is now the most popular eCommerce plugin in the world. Yes, exactly, in the world, not only on WordPress.

It’s developed by WooThemes as you probably already know, but what you may not know, is that WooThemes’ developers are not the only developers working on it.

Ok, you could say that now also Automatticians are working on it. You are getting closer, but the most important part is still missing!

Let me give you a hint: You!

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One of the reasons why i love working for Automattic is that i can work from anywhere in the world.

This is my office today!

Would you like to work from everywhere you want? We are hiring!