All my tutorials about WordPress and WooCommerce. Here you can find articles with and without snippets, written to teach you how to do things properly with WordPress and WooCommerce.

I wanted to try something different for my blog, so I thought about vlogging! What if I develop a plugin and record the process, so you can see exactly what I do and how the plugin came to life?

Well, I did it, and you can find the video in this article.

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A clock

When I say scheduled events, I don’t mean the awesome party that you may want to sell on your site, no. The scheduled events I’m talking about are actually events that occur in WordPress.

An example would be a scheduled sale on WooCommerce, or a scheduled post in your blog that you want to publish in the future.

You can create such events also by yourself, for your theme or your plugin. Like I said before, WooCommerce uses scheduled events for sales, that’s a custom one. I used them to sync two different blogs with a plugin.

If you want to learn how to use scheduled events in WordPress, keep reading!

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I’m sure that at least once you had to search something in the code, even if you are not a developer. Maybe a support technician told you that you can customize your site using WordPress actions, or you simply need to know the name of a function.

Well, searching into the code is not as easy as it seems, but I’ll try to explain here how I do it so that you can do it easily and quickly.

Coding knowledge are not required, but it would be very helpful if you can understand what you read.

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Some weeks ago I started a new blog named When I Have Time where I write about anything not related to WordPress and WooCommerce.

It’s a blog, and I needed to boost it a bit. I thought to cross-post from that blog to this one, by creating posts here and linking them to that blog, but I didn’t want them to appear as real posts like others on this blog, more like referrals only.

I found some plugins to do this on the .org repository, but they didn’t do exactly what I wanted. So I decided to create mine.

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At least once in your life you have seen a site that has limited time offers, or memberships that expires on a specific date.

If you noticed, they often say “Expires in X”. That’s easy to understand for a human, but how do you do it in WordPress?

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