All my tutorials about WordPress and WooCommerce. Here you can find articles with and without snippets, written to teach you how to do things properly with WordPress and WooCommerce.

I’ve found many support requests, both on support forum and the WooThemes Help Desk, about how to add a customer logout link in the main menu.

Some themes include their own methods to do so, there are also many custom snippets to add in your functions.php file to add the Logout link manually.

Did you know that WooCommerce has a feature to allow you to easily add the link to the menu? Furthermore, it will be automatically hidden to customers who are not logged in!

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Like in a physical store, it could be useful in some cases to have a PDF catalog of your web store, free and available for everyone to download.

An example could be a wholesaler who wants to buy from you, but they will have different prices, so they need a specific catalog. Another example could be people who want to download the catalog, read it at home, and then buy, or to show it to a friend. It could be useful in many cases.

So, how do you add a PDF catalog to your store? With Store Catalog PDF Download.

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Do you like the sale badge of Storefront? I like it! It’s simple and effective, but I understand some people might not like it, or maybe they want to move it! Here you will find some basic CSS to customize the sale badge and how to move it in the loop of products.

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You know that WooCommerce generates the Shop page automatically, you only need to select what page to use in the settings.
Also, it does not matter what title your page has, it will still use the title “Product – Your site name”.

How to change it?

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I’ve been asked many times how to do make product attributes linkable, and yesterday I found a post in the WooCommerce support forum on about this as well, and I decided to write this article.

So, by default WooCommerce strips all the HTML from attributes values, this means that you can’t use an HTML anchor to make product attributes linkable. We can still do it though with some custom code.

Luckily, WordPress helps us now with term metas introduced in WordPress 4.4.

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