I worked on a site for a friend some time ago and she is a streamer on Twitch. What I wanted to add is a widget in the header that shows her Twitch stream status, so when she is live, if someone goes to the site, they can see that, and eventually check her live Twitch stream.

Knowing if someone is live via the API that Twitch provides is very easy. Let’s check how I did that.

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Most probably you don’t know, since I never announced it publicly here yet, but I started streaming video games and coding on my Twitch channel, at https://twitch.tv/gnabbo.

I stream every day, from 08:30pm GMT+2, and on Saturday and Sunday I also stream occasionally in the morning or afternoon.

I stream mainly video games during the week. On weekends instead, there’s an event named Coding Day, and that’s what I want to talk with you about!

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I wanted to try something different for my blog, so I thought about vlogging! What if I develop a plugin and record the process, so you can see exactly what I do and how the plugin came to life?

Well, I did it, and you can find the video in this article.

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