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As you know, Dynamic Pricing does not print a discount table in the single product page. This is due to the complexity of the discount rules you can create which makes impossible for the plugin to create a discount table.

But you can still do it manually. You will learn how to do this here using two free plugins with Dynamic Pricing.

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Sometimes you want to show specific content only to some users based on the group they belong to.

The plugin Groups and Groups for WooCommerce allow this. In short, these two plugins together allow you to specify what group a customer must be added/removed when he purchases a specific product.

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As you know, WooCommerce allows you to sell only in specific countries, like only in Italy or in Unites States.
What if you want to sell only in a specific province, or only in California for example?

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Some users use an online payment system for their bills, asking their customers to go on the website and pay the bill directly there.

In this tutorial you will learn how to create this system in WooCommmerce.

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Note: This article is outdated and may not work properly with latest versions of WooCommerce Bookings and WPML. Please check this tutorial instead.

Your company is growing and it’s now international! You need a multilingual store and if you are running it with WordPress, you have to use WPML and WooCommerce.

If you do not have bookable products, then everything is ok. WooCommerce is 100% compatible with WPML. But what if you have bookable products such as hotel rooms or appointments?
You need WooCommerce Bookings too.

There are a few tweaks to do before to translate bookable products, or you will not be able to localize product resources.

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