I noticed while testing my own blog that the Recent Comments widget in the footer of this site has a nofollow attribute for all the authors’ links. It makes sense to have this, but at the same time I didn’t want the nofollow on my own comments.

Here is how I removed it.

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Oh, hello there! Long time no see!

Well yes, I did not write on my blog for quite some time, the main reason being that I simply did not have anything to write about, nor did I feel like writing anything. I went through some changes in my life, from moving to a different country to more personal things. I guess this happens to everyone.

This does not mean that I will be back writing monthly as I used to do, but I’ll definitely try to get back into the rhythm and write some useful tutorials. And I want to start with this article.

I recently moved my website to WordPress.com. It was previously hosted on Siteground (affiliate URL). There are a few reasons why I did this, and I want to explain them here so that you can consider the idea as well.

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Let’s say that you have a website with a shop on WooCommerce.

You only allow customers to place orders on the site without taking payments because you handle them separately in your accounting software, or maybe via phone or in another way.

You will have the need to disable all payment gateways on the site, but just disabling them in WooCommerce > Settings > Payments will not work because then the customers will get an error message since there are no payment methods available.

What you need is a snippet of code that marks all order not in need of payment.

Add this code to your functions.php file in wp-content/themes/your-child-theme-name/:

add_filter( 'woocommerce_cart_needs_payment', '__return_false' );
view raw functions.php hosted with ❤ by GitHub

Each country has a different address format, for example, U.S. uses the abbreviated state name, while Australia usually shows the full state name.

These are not rules set in stone though and they can always be changed. How ? Via custom code of course!

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Do you use Enfold on your WordPress site? It’s a good WordPress theme, old one, but still one of the best sellers on ThemeForest.

I recently moved to it for my blog as well, but I really can’t stand that I cannot easily disable features that I do not need, like the Portfolio post type.

The developers provided a way to disable it via code though.

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