You ask, i write! This post has been asked by sidharh in my other article about how to “Add a checkout field in WooCommerce only for specific roles“.

This time instead, we will hide checkout fields based on the products contained into your cart. you asked to add them instead to hide them, but it’s a lot quicker to add them all, and then hide them when they are not needed.

Let’s start!

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As you probably know, WooCommerce shows related products in the single product page and retrieves automatically them filtering products in the same categories and tags of the shown product.

This is a great feature in my opinion, but can be a double-edge sword when you have a lot of tags and/or categories in your shop, which ends to show unrelated products.

But the developers were smart and included two filters to allow you to filter by categories only or by tags only.

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I’ve been asked to write this article to show you how to hide the prices added by Ninja Forms Product Add-ons in the variations table on the checkout and cart page.

This was quite hard (not the code, but the regular expression, i’m a bit noob with regular expressions) but funny!

I chose to hide them with regular expressions. Why?

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Did you know that with WooCommerce MSRP Pricing you can add the manufacturer suggested retail price to your products?

If not, well you should definitely try it!

This extension lets you add the suggested retail price for all the products in your store, but that price only shows in the front end of the site, while you probably also need it in the back-end, expecially in the order admin pages.

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With WooCommerce you are free to add as many fees as you need to your orders. There are various ways to do that, like payment gateways or proper extensions to up-sell on the checkout page.

One of these extension is WooCommerce Checkout Add-ons. It’s a great tool to create checkout fields which can be both free or paid.

In the case they are paid, there’s not any problem. The fee will be included in the order review table before to checkout. The same happens with free add-ons. This means that you will see the fee in the review table and it’s price like $0.00.

This is not always the best thing. They are free, why should i show a cost? With a PHP snippet you can remove the cost only for free add-ons.

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