• Delete Expired Coupons Automatically

    Delete Expired Coupons Automatically

    Update 03 February 2021: Script tested and confirmed working on WooCommerce 4.9.2. Coupons are amazing, who does not like a discount? A very common way to give coupons to customers is to create one automatically after their first order, or something like that. The issue with that though is that usually these coupons expire after… Continue reading

  • Post-sale cross-sell with WooCommerce

    Post-sale cross-sell with WooCommerce

    Have you ever seen post-sale selling techniques? Not long ago I was shopping at (if you want to improve your calligraphy you should check them out) and noticed that their shop runs on WooCommerce. I purchased a product, and then on the checkout page I  noticed that they have a table of products related to their courses.… Continue reading

  • How to limit purchases to one per order

    How to limit purchases to one per order

    It’s not unusual that products need to be handled singularly in an order, or that they can’t be sold in more than one unit. WooCommerce covers the second case so you can limit customers to buy only one unit of a specific item per order. The first case instead is not covered by default, but… Continue reading

  • Edit orders in WooCommerce

    Edit orders in WooCommerce

    Raise your hand if you like to get the New Order email notification in your inbox! Yeah, I know, everyone would raise their hand! But just receiving an order is not enough. You need to handle it properly, and sometimes edit it to meet the customer needs. Learn here all the details about how to… Continue reading

  • WordPress Discord Post: Send only specific categories

    WordPress Discord Post: Send only specific categories

    If you own a Discord server and a WordPress website, you should probably check out my plugin WordPress Discord Post. This plugin is an integration between your WordPress website and your Discord server, sending to the second one messages when a new post is published, or a contact form is submitted, or even when a new WooCommerce… Continue reading



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