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How to create localized bookable products with WPML and WooCommerce Bookings

Note: This article is outdated and may not work properly with latest versions of WooCommerce Bookings and WPML. Please check this tutorial instead.

Your company is growing and it’s now international! You need a multilingual store and if you are running it with WordPress, you have to use WPML and WooCommerce.

If you do not have bookable products, then everything is ok. WooCommerce is 100% compatible with WPML. But what if you have bookable products such as hotel rooms or appointments?
You need WooCommerce Bookings too.

There are a few tweaks to do before to translate bookable products, or you will not be able to localize product resources.

What do i need?

Let’s take a look to the required plugins for this tutorial.

First of all, you need WooCommerce and WooCommerce Bookings to create a store with bookable products.

Then you need WPML Multilingual CMS to make your website multilingual. Why the Multilingual CMS package? Because WPML needs some extensions to work properly with WooCommerce and they are available only with the Multilingual CMS package.

The last thing you need is WooCommerce Multilingual free plugin.

Ok, what now?

Now you have to install all these plugins. You already did it? Great! Then we can start.

Create your first bookable product. Add everything you need, prices, resources, and so on. Now go to WPML > Translation Management > Multilingual Content Setup > Custom posts and find Bookable resources in the post types table

WooCommerce Bookings Multilingual Content Setup

Be sure to select Translate for Bookable resources.
If you go to Bookings > Resources you will find all your resources ready to be translated in your website languages.

Localized Resources

Click the button + to translate them.
When everything is localized, you need to translate your product and link the resources to it.
Usually you can translate WooCommerce products with WooCommerce Multilingual, but with WooCommerce Bookings you can’t use it because you will not be able to link translated resources to your product.
You need to disable WooCommerce Multilingual interface and use the default WooCommerce interface to translate products.
To do this, go to WPML > WooCommerce Multilingual > Product Translation Interface and select Go to the native WooCommerce product editing screen.

Product Translation Interface

Now you can translate the product in Products > All Products (edit one) selecting the + button below the language flag and link the translated resources.


I hope this tutorial will make your life easier with WooCommerce Bookings and WPML.
Do not forget that if you are in troubles you can find a lot of help on Google or in WPML and WooThemes knowledge bases!


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10 responses to “How to create localized bookable products with WPML and WooCommerce Bookings”

  1. What about resources ?

    I’m trying to “block” bookings for an apartment.
    If the apartment is booked in english, it’s then blocked.
    But it’s still bookable in all other languages.

    I tryed both duplicated and normally translated products.

    Please help !

  2. Hi, Great article “How to create localized bookable products with WPML and WooCommerce Bookings”, but it seems that we can’t use Bookings with WPML, for this reason : I am trying to use a single booking resource (not multilingual) for a product. In other words I do not want to have two resources for a two language site, since the resource is bookable and needs to be flagged as booked irrespective of the language used for the booking. Bookings can’t manage that, if a product is out of stock in French for example, the same product is still available in English, I agree with the first comment on this post.

    Conclusion : it’s not possible to use Bookings with WPML !!! Don’t buy Woocommerce Bookings if you’d like to translate your site with WPML !

    Did you even heard from this problem ? Thanks in advance !

    1. Hi,
      yes i know about this problem, but i can’t do anything about this.

      It’s up to WPML to be sure that the extension is compatible with their plugin. We always submit requests for compatibility, but we are still waiting for the compatibility between Bookings and WPML.

      Also Bookings changes a lot day by day because of new features and bug fixes. Means that WPML team should check it’s compatibility very frequently and knowing the huge volume of compatibility tests they do every day, it requires quite a lot before the plugin works properly with it.

      This tutorial has not been tested with the latest versions of Bookings, so i really do not know if it works yet or not. I’ll add a note about this in the post.

  3. Hi,

    great article! I was wondering if it would be possible to avoid the WPML problem by excluding the resources from being translated. In my case i’m using the resources for sizes which are numbers only and thus don’t need translation.

  4. Hi Nicola, finally an update is coming.

    I write you to ask how I should exactly update,
    and then if your guide is still valid,
    and then if I should go back to “default options” and translate with Woocommerce Multilingual or if the “traslate without it” trick is still to be used.

    I’m talking about that in the forum:

  5. Do “Bookable resources” have to be on “Translate” with the new update ?
    Is still “Go to the native WooCommerce product editing screen” necessary or Woocommerce Multilingual works now ?

  6. Hi folks,
    So can we conclude officially that WPML works correctly with WooCommerce Bookings.

    Translate information about Bookings
    On book by product

    Many thanks,

    1. I’d not say so. There’s not an official release that works out all the issues between these two plugins.

      Please follow about this, they usually release a weekly report with newly added plugins/themes to the compatibility list.

  7. Hi Nicola, was this problem solved ?

    I’m unsure if resources are shared between translations right now.

    1. I don’t know, sorry. WPML is managing this now,. I didn’t check the compatibility from when I wrote this article some years ago.

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