How to create related posts for your blog

If you are a blogger and you have a high bounce rate or low page views rate, you should really consider adding related posts to your blog posts.
Related posts are posts that have something in common with the post that the user is currently reading. They decrease the bounce rate and increase the page views per user.

That’s good in most cases, since they will read more, if you also have a shop in your site, that could lead to a better conversion rate.

How to create related posts in WordPress?
There are various plugins to do this, but I only suggest two of them.

Jetpack Related Posts

The first plugin to create related posts is completely free and it’s a Jetpack module.
Jetpack Related Posts scans all your posts and finds the most similar and connects them with some links at the end of the single post page.

It does everything on the cloud, so your server is not affected in terms of performance.

Posts are automatically linked between them based on their content, tags, category, title, and Jetpack Related Posts will only show related posts if there are at least three results. This is to avoid simply cross-linking posts with one another.

Related Posts for WordPress

The second plugin, is Related Posts for WordPress. It’s a freemium plugin, which means that there’s both a free version and a premium version available.

The free version is good, but the premium one offers more options and more customization tools.

Related Posts for WordPress premium supports all post types in your website, not only blog posts, and you could create cross related posts, like related WooCommerce products on a blog post.

Like Jetpack Related Posts, it automatically relates posts from their title, category, tags, custom taxonomies, content. You can even choose the weight of each element.

It also includes an easy-to-use visual customizer. You can quickly choose what to show for each related post and how to show it, creating your own layout.

Which one to choose?

If you want to go with something free, if you don’t want to customize your related posts, if you only have a simple blog, you can use Jetpack Related Posts.

If you want something more advanced, customizable, with more features and more options, I’d say that the $ 39.00 of Related Posts for WordPress are completely worth it. Go premium.

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