WordCamp Torino 2016

The last week, I attended WordCamp Torino, an event that was not having place from some years in Italy.

WordCamp Torino kicked off on 1st and 2nd April. We were not having a WordCamp here from the 2012, and in only 9 months the Italian community was able not only to rise from its ashes, but also to set up many local meetups and a WordCamp!

Contributor Day

On the 1st April, we had the second contributor day in Italy. The first was a couple of months ago in Milan.

There were about 100 contributors in various teams, from Polyglots to Accessibility, and from Theme Review to Core.

Contributor Day - WordCamp Torino

I was the Support team lead with Cristiano Zanca. We checked a few topics on the WordPress.org support forum with the team and then asked everyone to write their own reply. After that, we analyzed all the replies to find their weak and strong points, to build a definitive reply for the lucky user who was first in the list of topics without a reply and received one by 7 people, all in once!

WordCamp Day

I attended the WordCamp as a sponsor, so I spent all my day at the WooCommerce booth. I was not able to attend any talk sadly, but I heard from many attendees that they were so amazing!

Half of them were in Italian, the rest in English, both from italians and members of the international community, like Petya Raykovska.


A lot of attendees came to my booth to learn about WooCommerce and Jetpack, and it was great to talk with them and with the other sponsors about what we can do for them, and what they can do for us! Attending as a sponsor does not only mean advertising your product, but also learning what people think about your product and improve it!

Like in any other WordCamp, there was a Happiness Bar, of which you can see a photo here on the left, where attendees could ask for support to the volunteers who spent their time in helping the organization to rock the event!

If you want to see more photos and read more opinions, check the official WordCamp Torino Facebook page. You will find a great gallery of photos at the blog of Luca Sartoni. Go check them, they are amazing!

What’s Next?

The local community from Milan submitted their WordCamp application for WordCamp Milan. Make sure to grab your ticket as soon as they are available!

Now, if you are in Austin, come and meet us at WooConf. If you aren’t able get a ticket for the event, the live streaming tickets are available here!

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