All my tutorials about WordPress and WooCommerce. Here you can find articles with and without snippets, written to teach you how to do things properly with WordPress and WooCommerce.

Did you know about custom fields in WordPress? Most probably you already use them and you don’t know that they are called so.

Some time ago I wrote an article about how to add fields to products in WooCommerce. Those fields are custom product fields, and their values are post meta.

If you check the article and its comments, you will notice that many people were confused about how to get their value, so let me explain to you what they are and how to get them!

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If you, like me, are using Storefront without using WooCommerce, then you probably noticed that the breadcrumbs are not included by default.

This is because Storefront uses WooCommerce functions to print the breadcrumbs, before the content. But there’s another way to have that, with the plugin Yoast SEO.

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I worked on a site for a friend some time ago and she is a streamer on Twitch. What I wanted to add is a widget in the header that shows her Twitch stream status, so when she is live, if someone goes to the site, they can see that, and eventually check her live Twitch stream.

Knowing if someone is live via the API that Twitch provides is very easy. Let’s check how I did that.

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WordPress 4.7 introduced a way to create your own custom bulk actions for your post types.

Before that, there were plugins to do it, but now that it’s in the core, it’s way easier to add a new bulk action, potentially you only need three functions!

Let’s see an example together about how to add a Move to Drafts bulk action, I know that is already possible if you bulk edit posts, but it involves many clicks, while with a bulk action is only a couple clicks!

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Some days ago I was working on a project and I needed to get out of an object some data, but not all of them. Specifically, I had many terms, and I needed to get only the key name from that object.

What I would have done, is looping though all the items and build an array from that with their names. But I learned about a better way!

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