All my articles regarding WordPress can be found here. It includes generic WordPress articles, tutorials and snippets, and others specific for WooCommerce, and other WordPress plugins.

You might have noticed that the URLs in your site all come with a string at the end of it looking something like ?v=3j123445. What is it and where does it come from?

If your site uses WooCommerce, that is where it comes from and it is not dangerous at all, it is actually helpful!

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Cross-sells and Up-sells in WooCommerce are a very powerful tool to give suggestions to your customers. You might know that most people who buy product X will probably need product Y as well, and you want the customer to know that. How do you do it? You use cross-sells and up-sells.

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With version 3.0.23 of Table Rate Shipping, one little change has been added to the extension. It is small but it can have a big impact on stores. I am talking about how the shipping rates are calculated.

The story of this change goes all the way back to 2015, when the shipping cost was calculated on the item total, which is the adjusted total after any discounts. However, this was not taking into account taxation. Which led to a new change to fix the issue, but also to calculate shipping costs based on the item price.

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I noticed while testing my own blog that the Recent Comments widget in the footer of this site has a nofollow attribute for all the authors’ links. It makes sense to have this, but at the same time I didn’t want the nofollow on my own comments.

Here is how I removed it.

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Oh, hello there! Long time no see!

Well yes, I did not write on my blog for quite some time, the main reason being that I simply did not have anything to write about, nor did I feel like writing anything. I went through some changes in my life, from moving to a different country to more personal things. I guess this happens to everyone.

This does not mean that I will be back writing monthly as I used to do, but I’ll definitely try to get back into the rhythm and write some useful tutorials. And I want to start with this article.

I recently moved my website to It was previously hosted on Siteground (affiliate URL). There are a few reasons why I did this, and I want to explain them here so that you can consider the idea as well.

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